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Explore the Virtual
World Web

The World's only 3d Browser

Please note: Curio and The Virtual World Web are currently in Alpha testing.

The VirtualWorldWeb allows everyone to interact in real time in a very real setting.

  • Create friendships
  • Go on dates
  • Dance at clubs
  • Explore new areas
  • Chat with real people all around the world

Customizing your avatar and exploring the Virtual World is fun and easy.

The VirtualWorldWeb makes online learning engaging, interactive and realistic. Schools can bring students into the VirtualWorldWeb and allow them to:

  • Learn the same way as in class learning
  • Engage in virtual class discussions
  • View a web cam of their professor alongside their avatar.

Virtual World learning is the new wave of online learning.

The event planning industry is changing as conventions move into the Virtual World space. Virtual World shows:

  • Eliminate travel costs
  • Decrease the costs of hosting an event
  • Allow attendees to take part from anywhere in the world
  • Have no limits on attendance

Virtual conventions are easily accessible, customizable and accommodating to everyone.

Music fans can now attend state-of-the-art concerts held entirely in the Virtual World. Virtual World concerts allow

  • Thousands of fans to interact with the performer
  • Elaborate sets and video walls
  • Vendors to sell merchandise, music and souvenirs

Virtual performances bring the die-hard fan and the new listener together to share one experience and interact.