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The Virtual World

Currently in development

The event planning industry is changing as conventions move into the virtual space.

Virtual conferences and shows:

  • Eliminate travel costs
  • Decrease the costs of hosting an event
  • Allow attendees to take part from anywhere in the world
  • Have no limits on attendance

Virtual educational environments make online learning engaging, interactive and realistic.

Schools can bring students into the virtual space and allow them to:

  • Engage in virtual class discussions
  • View a web cam of their professor alongside their avatar
  • Visit virtual replicas of historical or real places

The VirtualWorldWeb allows everyone to interact in real time in a very real setting.

  • Add a virtual component to your social network
  • Host meetings in a virtual boardroom
  • Create a hangout space for your meetup group
  • Put on your headset and meet with other VR enthusiasts IN VR!

Music industry can also benefit from the immersive nature of virtual worlds by:

  • Hosting virtual concerts
  • Making shows more affordable and accesible
  • Creating themed music worlds to bring performers and fans closer together